Gürsel Mah. İmrahor Cad. No: 29 Premier Kampüs Ofis B-Blok Kağıthane / ISTANBUL

Consulting Services

Today, there is a high competition in the national and global markets. Modern companies that want to maintain their leading position in the market are constantly striving to develop innovative solutions, to implement special promotional methods, and to offer special products and services. MONAX Logistics is your reliable partner! Our long years of experience and logistics and foreign trade areas, our service and product understanding, our company contributes to the development of the latest products. The work you do with MONAX Logistics will provide you with competitive advantage, optimization of logistics costs and minimizing the risks you face in your economic activities abroad.


Gürsel Mah. İmrahor Cad. No:29 Premier Kampüs Ofis B-Blok Kat:5 D:170 34400 Kağıthane/İstanbul